Last Updated:  05/26/08  
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To Say Thank You

Passion of the Christ, Passion of Firefighters

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Thank you Mel Gibson for not being just another pretty face!!
The Passion of the Christ The Passion of Firefighters
Jesus' purpose is saving people. A Firefighter's purpose is saving people
Jesus died for the sin of mankind. Firefighters have lost their lives trying to save others (343 in the World Trade Center alone).
Jesus wants to save us from the fires of Hell. Firefighters want to save us from fires.
Jesus' act was a rescue, not one of judgment. Firefighters make many rescues without judging victims.
Jesus giving up his life, and dying for the sins of man is a gift. Firefighters go into burning buildings to save people knowing that they may give up their lives do so.
Jesus did this of his own free will. Many firefighters are volunteers.

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