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To Say Thank You

About "To Say Thank You"

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How visiting fire stations "to say thank you" started

- The first station visited - a simple "Thank You" to one fire station's fire fighters for being there
- The next stations - the fire stations that would be my fire stations
- The first big goal - visiting all of Austin's 40 fire stations by Christmas Day
- The continuance - "A good thing to do", a hobby, etc 

On Thanksgiving Day, 2001 after coming down from Mount Bonnell, when passing by Austin’s Fire Station 19, and seeing firefighters inside the open bay the thought "It's Thanksgiving, someone should say ‘Thank you’ to them" was made.  With Casper as an ice breaker, the desire to say "Thank you" to the firefighters for being there, and with the force of September 11, 2001 the car was turned around and a modest "Thank You" was given to the firefighters.

After leaving station 19, the observation was made that firefighter closer to home should be thanked as well. Then, after getting a list of all the fire stations in Austin (40), and having a long Christmas vacation the goal of visiting all of the fire stations in Austin with a Christmas card and a short "Thank You" show as born. Now, the effort has been continued as a weekend adventure, usually traveling not more than 100 miles from Austin (exceptions "The Dallas/Fort Worth Memorial Weekend Grand Firefighter Appreciation Tour", the "Houston/Galveston 4th of July Weekend Special Firefighter Appreciation Tour", and on an extended LBJ's Birthday weekend the Waco, Houston (more), Victoria, and Corpus Christi Road Show).

Websites with some great pictures from Mount Bonnell . . .

This website in the Photo Gallery and the Mount Bonnell webpages. 


No organization

- Just one person with a pet bird, saying "Thank You".

Over 350 fire stations have been visited by one person with a pet bird.  These visits have been done mainly on the weekends, except for some holidays (Christmas, Memorial Weekend, 4th of July, and LBJ's Birthday).  The visits have been around 30 minutes at a fire station with special care not to interfere with any emergency calls.

The bird is a pet Cockatoo that can do some tricks and some talking.

The Message

- "Thank You"

Thank you for being there on Holidays and for sacrificing special family times.
Thank you for saving lives, and property at the risk of injury, or death.
Thank you for continuing to service as firefighters despite seeing injuries, and death.

The Mission

- To Say Thank You

To offer a moment of entertainment to give moral support, and encouragement.  In a sense, to do for the firefighters, what Bob Hope did for the servicemen, and women--same idea different scale.

The Website

- To support firefighters, and fire departments

To offer various content to help firefighters when they fighting fires, while they are waiting to fight fires, or preparing to lead other firefighters in fighting fires.

You can contact us by email at ToSayThankYou