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Reference - Table of Contents
Acronyms Dictionaries Internet Hosts Photographic Information Sex Offenders
Almanacs Emergency Response Guidebook Internet Service Providers Popes Slogans
Airlines Encyclopedias Jobs/Employment Sites Population Social Networks
Airports Etiquette LEED Certified Postal Information Space
Area Code Information Firsts Maps Presidential Candiates State Information
Ascii Tables Flags Medical Presidential Facts/Trivia Technical
Awards Forms Metric Conversion Price Search Engines Telephone Directories
Baby Names Fuel Cells Misc Publishers Thesaurus
Best Places Genealogy Most Dangerous Jobs Quotations US Elected Officials
Biography Green Living Most Wanted Real Estate Maps Video Sharing
Blogs Guinness World Records Names Recycling Weather
Book of Records Hoaxes, and Myths News Magazine Religion Web Traffic Information
Buyer's Guide Home Improvements News Media Rockets Weights and Measures
Celebrity Deaths Homeland Security, Department of Newspapers Rules of Order Wi-Fi HotSpots
Computer Privacy Identity Theft Pageants Scientific Word of the Day
Computer Security Information Periodic Chart/Table Search Engines Zip Codes
Crime Map Internet Browsers Phobias Seniors 9/11 Commission
Acronym Database, The - searchable list of acronyms and abbreviations
Acronym Search - searchable database of terms
Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Initialisms - links to subject-specific lists of acronyms
Almanacs Updated 11/12/09
Baseball-Almanac - history, players, leaders, left field, etc
CIA World Factbook - offers country profiles and reference maps
CNN - Video Almanac
ComputerAlmanac - from Carnegie Mellon, School of Computer Science
FactMonster - links to lots of information
Farmers' Almanac - includes weather forecasts, gardening and fishing calendars, etc
Information Please Almanac - search or browse numerous topical almanacs
Living Almanac of Disasters - with categories for fires, earthquakes, and transportation
PoliSci - includes a wealth of information about U.S. and world politics
Old Farmer's Almanac - fun and practical info for everyday life including moon calendars, etc
World Almanac for Kids - offers games, quizzes, contests, and reference facts, etc
Airlines Added 12/26/07
American Airlines ExpressJet Airlines Midwest Airlines United Airlines
Continental Frontier Airlines Northwest Airlines US Airways
Delta Jet Blue Southwest Airlines
Airports Added 12/26/07 Updated 11/12/09 World-Airport-Codes HotelsTravel WorldTravelGuide
Area Code Information
ABTolls - US And Canadian Area Code Listings sorted by location, and number
NANPA - search by area code, or select by geographic location
Area Code Maps
Ascii Tables  Added 01/30/06 - Ascii-Ebcdic
Awards  Updated 11/12/09 - Advertising, Comedy, Literature, Movies, Music, Theater, Television, etc
Best Places
Sperling's Best Places

15 Best Places to Reinvent Your Life

Best for Businesss and Careers
Best Places to Live Find Your Spot
Best Places to Work The Scientist
Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for
Biography Added 05/14/05
About Famous People Biography-Center
Biographical Dictionary The Biography Channel - Time 100
Blogs Added 04/22/06 Updated 11/12/09
BestOfTheBlogs BlogHop Weblogs
BlogCatalog Blog-City xanga
Blogger GlobeofBlogs
Book of Records
Guinness World Records - providing information on record holders for a variety of feats, etc
Buyer's Guide Added 06/15/03
Reseller Ratings - user evaluations of online vendors.
Celebrity Deaths Added 09/07/05 Updated 05/31/10
2014 2009 2004 1999 1994 1989 1984 1979 1974 1969 1964
2013 2008 2003 1998 1993 1988 1983 1978 1973 1968 1963
2012 2007 2002 1997 1992 1987 1982 1977 1972 1967 1962
2011 2006 2001 1996 1991 1986 1981 1976 1971 1966 1961
2010 2005 2000 1995 1990 1985 1980 1975 1970 1965 1960
By Last Name - [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]
Note: Website includes names of living celebrities, deceased are annotated with Dead.
Computer Privacy Added 08/13/04
ComputerPrivacy Privacy Forums
Computer Security Added 01/30/04 FTC - Phishing Scam Panda Software
AVG Kaspersky Sophos Trend Micro
ESET McAfee ScamBusters - Phishing Scam Zone Labs
F-Secure my-eTrust
Crime Map - link to SpotCrime website
Cambridge - search separate dictionaries of English, phrasal verbs, or idioms.
Chemistry & Environmental Dictionary - definitions for technical terms and acronyms, etc
Dictionary - Dictionary, Thesaurus, etc
Merriam-Webster - official site for the reference publisher.  Includes dictionary, and Thesaurus
Onelook - searchs for multiple definitions of a word from a variety of online dictionaries
Your Dictionary - provides online dictionaries in 150 different languages, etc
Emergency Response Guidebook (Also in the Fire Links Section under Hazardous Materials) Added 03/18/03 Updated 05/31/08
Emergency Response Guidebook
Full Version of the ERG2008 - English (2.7M, pdf) - Cached copy
Full Version of the ERG2008 - Spanish (2.7M, pdf) - Cached copy
You may download Adobe Acrobat Reader FREE from Adobe's Web site to read pdf files
Encarta - featuring abridged reference articles, a world atlas, quizzes, homework help, etc
Encyclopedia - more than 17,000 short articles from the Concise Columbia Electronic, etc
Encyclopædia Britannica - offers news, links, and access to abbreviated encyclopedia entries
Columbia Encyclopedia - complete contents of the year 2000 publication, etc
Internet Encyclopedia - encyclopedia composed of information available on the Internet
Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Etiquette Added 11/04/04 MrGolf PageWise
Dining Etiquette Letter Writing Rules Netiquette
Funeral Etiquette MissManners
Firsts Added 06/25/06
AGH Library - Video Game's Connecticut Maryland Purdue - Spaf's Firsts - List of Firsts Corsinet - Famous Firsts Massachusetts Redstone - Space
Appleton (Wisconsin) EarlyAmerica Michigan - Facts and Firsts
Baltimore - The City of Firsts EverestNews Mount Sinai SpaceToday - Man in Space
Baseball-Almanac - Baseball ExploreKansas NewHampshire UserPages - Military Women
BBC - Space Firsts GrowABrain - Firsts Ever NewJersey UCC - Church of many firsts
CAPAA - Asian Pacific American InfoPlease - Aviation Firsts Philadelphia Univ of Chicago Hospitals
CivilWarHome - Civil War InfoPlease - Women's Firsts Pittsburgh WorcesterMass
Colorado LittleKnownFactsShow PocanticoHills - Presidential Wyoming
Flags Added 05/14/05 FlagSpot The Odora
Forms Added 06/22/06
AllBusiness FindForms Legaldocs State Tax Forms
Copyright FindLaw LSU - Federal & State Tax Forms US Court - Bankruptcy
DOC MPA - Copyright US State Department - VISA
DOE US HHS - CMS NRC US Department of Labor - Grants & Contracts hudclips Office of Personnel Management US Treasury - OFAX
FAA Immigration OMB - Grants USAC
FDA LawInfo SEC USCourtForms
FDIC LectLaw Social Security VA
Fuel Cells - click link to go to the Fuel Cells portion of the Green Living Reference Webpage
Genealogy Added 02/07/04
Green Living - click link to go to the Green Living Reference Webpage
Guinness World Records Added 01/12/08
Hoaxes, Myths, and Scams Added 02/14/04
Home Improvements Added 07/12/04
Better Houses & Gardens HomeDepot HomeTime HomeDoctor HouseIdeas HomeImprove Lowes
Homeland Security, Department of Added 03/21/03
Identify Theft Added 02/14/04
Fact Monster - Lots of information, and links to information
Info Please - Lots of information, and links to information
Internet Browsers Added 06/30/04
Firefox Konqueror - UNIX NeoPlanet Opera
Internet Explorer Netscape Safari - Mac
Internet Hosts - moved to the Shopping Section
Internet Service Providers - moved to the Shopping Section
Jobs/Employment Added 02/12/04 Updated 01/16/07
America's Job Bank CareerBuilder, Inc CareerJet USAJOBS
LEED Certified - click link to go to the LEED Certified portion of the Green Living Reference Webpage
Maps Added 02/20/04 Updated 06/11/06
Google Maps - Satellite option multiMAP Wikimapia
Mapquest MSN Maps & Directions Yahoo Maps
Medical/Surgical Word Glossary - FDA approved drugs, devices, surgical/medical instruments...
NLM - US National Library of Medicine
On-Line Medical Dictionary - searchable dictionary of terms relating to biochemistry, biology...
Metric Conversion Added 10/25/04 Updated 11/12/09
MD Metric - Extension conversion factor list OnlineConversion - Conversions
Convert-me - Conversions ScienceMadeSimpe - Conversions - Conversions World Wide Metric - Conversion calculator
Misc Added 02/12/04
Howstuffworks Smithsonian
The Internet Public Library NAUPA - unclaimed property World Wide Web Consortium
The Library of Congress
Most Dangerous Jobs Added 01/21/05
AskMen - Top 10 Fielding's DangerFinder - Top 15 - Top 10
CNNMoney - Top 10 Forbes - Top 10 MSN Money - Top 10
Most Wanted Added 05/14/05 Most Wanted Terrorists Most
Names Added 11/14/04 Updated 02/01/07
BabyCenter Babynology Bubbaboo SocialSecurity - Baby Names
BabyNames BabyZones Parenthood ThinkBabyNames
BabyNamesWorld Behind the Name QuickBabySite 20,000-names
News Magazines Added 01/25/04
Atlantic Newsweek USNews
Life Time
News Media Added 01/25/04
Newspapers Added 01/25/04
Directories of Newspapers - Top 100 US Newspaper by circulation University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Chicago Tribune USA Today
Los Angeles Times Wallstreet Journal
New York Times Washington Post
Pageants Added 04/14/05
Miss America Miss Universe Pageant Center Universal Royalty
Miss Earth  Miss USA Pageantry Magazine WorldWide Beauty Pageants
Miss International Miss World Sunburst Beauty Pageants
Periodic Chart/Table Added 04/03/03
Crescent Chemical  Los Alamos National Laboratory
Environmental Chemistry WebElements
Liverpool Middle School - New York
Phobias Added 01/31/08
ojohaven PhobiaGuide PhobiaList
Photographic Information Added 06/15/03
DPReview - with news, reviews, galleries, and comparisons, plus hints and tips - online learning community of people improving their photography expertise
Steve's DigiCams - Digital camera reviews, etc
Popes Added 04/18/05
Catholic-Forum - The Popes of the Church Friesian - Popes, etc
Bartleby - Popes, and short biography Newadvent - List of Popes
CFPeople - Popes, and short biography Wikipedia - List of Popes
Population Added 06/25/06
CIA - Ranked, Country demograhia - US Cities, 25,000+ InfoPlease - Top 50 US Cities US Census
CityMayors - Top 100 factmonster - Top 50 US Cities InfoPlease - US Cities over 100K US Census - Clocks
CityPopulation factmonster - US Mongabay - World Urban Wikipedia - US
demograhia - US Cities, 50,000+ InfoPlease - 10 Fastest Growing PRB WorldAtlas - Top 100 Cities
Postal Information
National Address and ZIP+4 Browser - interactively browse all addresses in the US
National Address Server - enter a partial US postal address and the server attempts to rewrite
Official Postal Service Abbreviations 
Zip Code Maps USNaviGuide
Postal Services/Companies
DHL Worldwide Express Purolator Courier USPS
Presidential Candidates Updated 06/14/07
Al Sharpton Doug Stanhope John Kerry - out Nobody
Barack Obama Duncan Hunter John McCain Ralph Nader - 2004
Bill Richardson Fred Thompson Kat Swift Robert Milnes
Bob W Hargis George Pataki Lance Brown Ron Paul
Charles T Maxham George Phillies Michael Charles Smith Rudy Giuliani
Christopher Dodd Gene Amondson Mike Gravel Sam Brownback
Christopher Walken Hillary Clinton Mike Huckabee Steve Adams
Christine Smith James Gilchrist Michael Bloomberg Steve Kubby
Chuck Hagel  Jim Gilmore Mitt Romney Tom Tancredo
Daniel Imperato Joe Biden Nan Garrett Tom Vilsack
David A Koch John H Cox Newt Gingrich Tommy Thompson
Dennis Kucinich John Edwards Noah McCullough - 2032 Wesley Clark
Presidential Parties
Constitution Party Green Party Prohibition Party Republican Party
Democratic Party Libertarian Party Reform Party Socialist Party USA
Presidential Facts/Trivia Added 07/30/04
ClassroomHelp InfoPlease - [ 1 | 2 ]  - [ 1 | 2 ]
Heptune LitteKnownFactsShow ThinkQuest
HistoryBuff PresidentsUSA ThisNation
Price Search Engines Added 06/15/03
Pricing Central - offers directory of shopping agents and online retailers
Price Grabber - lists hardware and software products being sold online below cost
Priceline - for airfare, hotels, home refinancing, new and rental cars, and long distance calls.
Price Watch - street price search engine for computer components and peripherals
Bartleby - dictionary, thesaurus, quotations, Gray's Anatomy, etiquette, and many more
Real Estate Maps - click link to go to the Real Estate Map topicof the Shopping IV Webpage
Quotations Added 06/15/03, Updated 11/10/05
Annabelle's Quotation Guide Famous Quotes The Quotations and Sayings
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations Gem of Proverbs and Poems The Quotations Page
Creative Quotations Giga Quotes Quoteland
Crystal Clouds Great Quotes Quoteworld
Cute Quotes LitQuotes Wikiquote
Recycling - click link to go to the Recycling portion of the Green Living Reference Webpage
Religion Added 03/25/08
AllAboutReligion Buddhism - Qur'an - Muslim Texts Presidential-Candidates USCCB - New American Bible ReligionFacts - Chart Vaughns-1-Pagers
BibleGateway IslamiCity ReligionFacts - Hinduism
Brown University LDS - Book of Mormon Scientology
Rockets Added 05/03/05 Russian Space Web Space Today Space Rocket Guide Visiting DC
Rules of Order
Robert’s Rules of Order
Scientific Added 05/14/05 ISO - Standards Public Library of Science
Search Engines - Yahoo, Go, Google, Lycos, AltaVista, Ask, Excite, etc
Seniors Added 03/29/08
AARP SeniorJournal SeniorsTravelGuide
HomeInstead SeniorLaw Seniors-Center SeniorCorps SeniorNet Seniors-Site SeniorDrivers SeniorResource SuddenlySenior SeniorFriendFinder SeniorServiceAmerica SunriseSeniorLiving
NSCLC SeniorHousingNet SeniorServices TodaysSeniors
RefDesk SeniorJobBank SeniorSites
Sex Offenders Added 05/14/05
Child Safe Network National Alert Registry Sexual Parents For Megans Law Sex Stop Sex
Slogans Added 08/03/04 EPromos Missions slogans TV Acres Fact-index Presidential Campaign Slogans Wikipedia
Social Networks Added 04/22/06
Friendster Meetup Thefacebook
LiveJournal MySpace xanga
Space Added 01/13/04 - US, European, Russian Space Websites
State Information Added 03/18/03
50 States - state websites, symbols, flags, maps, constitutions, representatives, songs, etc
Technical Updated 04/20/05
ABC - Technology & Science FreshNews MSNBC - Technology & Science TechWeb
BusinessWeek - Technology InformationWeek NewsFactor TechEncyclopedia
CNN - Technology InfoWorld SciTechDaily TheRegister
ComputerWorld Sci-Tech Today USA Today - Tech
c|net InternetNews Slashdot Wired
eWeek InternetWeek TechLines WorldTechNews
ExtremeTech MobileTechNews TechNewsWorld ZDNet
Telephone Directories Added 01/10/04 - Downloadable directories and software from SBC
Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus
Thesaurus - Theasaurus, Dictionary, etc
US Elected Officials Added 01/25/04 - House of Representative, and Senate - House of Representative, Senate, and State Governors - House of Representative, and Senate - Home of Representatives - Senate - Executive Branch
Video Sharing Added 03/19/08
bigThink Google Video OneWorldTV Twango Yahoo! Video imeem Ourmedia Spike YouAreTV
Blinkx Kewego - Korean Veoh youTube
Break Liveleak Peekvid Vimeo
Buzznet Metacafe photobucket VMIX
Dailymotion myspace RuTube - Russian Vuze
Weather Added 06/15/03  Updated 09/11/08
Hurricane Watch Net - current official weather warnings, observations, and forecasts
National Weather Service - current official weather warnings, observations, and forecasts
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Hurricane Center - National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center
Stormpulse - Hurricane watch
Terrapin - Hurricane & Storm Tracking for the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans
The Weather Channel - weather information for locations worldwide
Website, and Web Traffic Information Added 06/15/03
Alexa Web Search - Website traffic information, top 100 websites, etc
Daily Top 10 List - Daily Top 10 English Language Site, and Featured Subject
Internet Archive Wayback Machine - Archive of Internet website back to 1996
Weights and Measures
Dictionary of Units - an explanation of the principle systems of units, their history, standards, etc
Foot Rule, The - collection of converters, units and measures, data tables, and facilities
Wi-Fi HotSpots Added 12/02/05
ExtremeTech - Hardware Intel.JiWire TotalHotSpots - Maps WiFi411
EZGoal JiWire WiFinder Wi-FiFreeSpot
HotspotHaven MetroFreeFi WiFiMaps Wi-FiHotSpotList
Hotspot-Locations Mobile.Yahoo/WiFi WiFiNetNews - News
Word of the Day Added 03/19/08
Cambridge Spanish-word-a-day - Spanish UrbanDictionary NYTimes Stedmans - Medical VocabVitamins - French Oxford StudySpanish - Spanish Wordsmith
InfoPlease QuotationsPage Transparent - All Seven WordThink
Merriam-Webster Scrabble-Assoc French  German  Spanish YourDictionary
9/11 Commission
9/11 Commission - 9/11 Commission Report
Added Added  Updated Updated

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