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To Say Thank You

Special Messages from Firefighters

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Hi, I just ran across your website on the net by chance and I am really impressed to see what you are doing.  Most people don't know how good it feels just to have someone stop by simply to say thank you.  We had a couple stop by my station just a couple days ago to drop off a care package and thank us and it made a world of difference in our mood.  I think it is a wonderful mission you have set out for yourself and I wish you the best of luck with it.

Jason Reilly
Pasadena Fire Dept.
Station 10
I wanted to say thanks for your visit to our station on Sept. 8, 2002.  We have many visitors come to the station, because of our location.  Your visit with Casper was one of the best we have had.  Your jokes were corny, but funny.  Casper was fun to watch and learn about.

We have talked about Casper quite a bit, since that afternoon.

Thanks again for the time you have invested in your visits.  I'm sure it is a very big investment of time and money.  We do appreciate you and Casper.

Feel free to stop by anytime you are in Abilene,

Rick Wright
Capt. Station 6
Abilene Fire Dept
I just wanted to tell you that yours and Casper's visits to the fire stations in Dallas were very much appreciated. I speak for myself and my friends, my fellow firefighters. It may not have been evident while you were here, as firefighters are not always openly expressing their feelings of gratitude, but it was felt. We make jokes and have a good time, it's how we deal with the day to day. What you have done is tremendous and a gift from the heart. We may not always be able to adequately express our appreciation and gratitude, but just know that we feel it. Thank you again.

Erin Vancil, Dallas Station 3

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