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To Say Thank You

Casper's Corner

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29th Year Anniversary
September 19, 2018 marks 29 years, since Casper was taken home from Austin Pet Ranch. In that 29 years Casper has visited many Elementary Schools, Public Libraries, Nursing Homes, and his newest adventure 359 firestations across Texas (78 fire departments).

Most of Casper's life has been spent in Texas. He started his life as a wild bird. He was captured as a young bird, then migrated to Texas after being quarantined a month in Honolulu, Hawaii. The only other adventures that he has had out-of-state was a short vacation trip to Florida by car. Casper flew back to Austin (by plane) stopping at the Houston International Airport before landing at Austin's Robert Muellar Airport (the old airport), where a friend was waiting to take us home. 

Note: in the last 29 years Casper has never traveled alone, but always very close to me, and with me.

Pictures Poems Talking Talking

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Sleepy Bird Fluffy Bird Casper Stretching
Sleepy Bird Fluffy Bird Stretchy Bird
Casper preening doing the Funky Chicken
Preeny Bird Doing the Funcky Chicken
Turn the lights back on!! Bye
Turn the LIGHTS back on Good-bye

 Inspector Casper
This bag needs checking I'll check it
This bag needs checking I'll check it
One can here Nothing else here
One can here Nothing else here
OK back here, too This bag is OK
OK back here, too This bag is OK

Some special feelings shared with Casper from Mathews Elementary School


  There once was a parrot named Casper

  Who showed us some tricks with his Master.

        His feathers were white,

        His eyes shining bright.

  We hope you can come again, Casper!


 There once was a bird named Casper,

 Who never got away from his master.

 Boy, that bird could kiss,

 Those kisses we'll miss,

 For that bird filled us with laughter!


 There once was a bird named Casper,

 Who brought out a lot of laughter.

 He knew several tricks

 And clawed wooden sticks

 And then he left school with his master


There once was a bird named Casper
Who always obeyed its master
It knew lots of tricks
But it wouldn't break bricks
And its wings looked like Alabaster.

Before our starting our visits to firestations "to say Thank You" to Firefighters, Casper and I had gone to several Austin Area Nursing Homes, several branches of the Austin Public Library, the Pflugerville Public Library, some Austin area Churches, and several Elementary Schools. In fact the first Elementary School we went to was Kocurek Elementary 26 years ago in the Spring Semester of 1990. We have gone to the following Schools--Kocurek Elementary, Menchaca Elementary, Williams Elementary, Oak Hill Elementary, Odom Elementary, Galindo Elementary, Dawson Elementary, St Ignatius Martyr Catholic School, Sanchez Elementary, Del Valle Elementary, Mathews Elementary, Reid Elementary, Casis Elementary, Bryker Woods Elementary, St Andrew's Episcopal School, Highland Park Elementary, Reilly Elementary, Gullett Elementary, Doss Elementary, Pillow Elementary, Davis Elementary, and St Mary Catholic School in Taylor.

Casper saying,  "I Love You"

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