Last Updated:  05/26/08  
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To Say Thank You

Special Acknowledgement, and Congratulation 
to the Tomball Fire Department

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Effective July 1, 2003 the Tomball Fire Department has become an ISO Class 1 Fire Department, which is the highest possible rating.  The Tomball Fire Department earned the highest rating of any Volunteer Fire Department--95.27.

Of 2,192 fire departments within Texas 5 are ISO Class 1. Of 45,898 fire departments nationwide 44 are Class 1.  The only states with more ISO Class 1 Fire Departments are California with 9, and Illinois with 12--Texas ties Florida with 5.

Tomball Magnolia Tribune Article - Cached Copy

Texas Department of Insurance Letter - Cached Copy - PDF

Congratulations to Chief Gene Whitenack, and a special Thank You to Larry Stevens, who has helped all of Texas' ISO Class 1 Fire Departments achieve that status.

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