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Blonde Jokes - index of jokes

Dog Jokes - index of jokes Why Dog are Better Jokes - index of jokes

Duct Tape Jokes

ExploreMaine - 250+ uses for Duct Tape

Gender Jokes - index of jokes
fieldguide - The Field Guide to North American Males

Knock Knock Jokes - index of jokes

Light Bulb Jokes - index of jokes - index of jokes

Man Jokes - to complement the Blonde Jokes

Political Joke Archive - - index of jokes

Cows & Politics Explained Eyes Wide Shut
A Guide to U.S. Newspapers Famous Last Words
Newspaper Headlines in the Year 2035 The Great Wizard of Oz
State Mottos Bush and Clinton on a Train
Things Found Only in America Clinton and the Genie
Survivor, Texas-Style Hillary Clinton vs. God
Difference Between Republicans and Democrats Clinton's Pigs
A Liberal and a Genie Taliban TV Guide
Computer Viruses Osama bin Laden and Taliban One-Liner Jokes
Proud to Be a Democrat What To Do With Bin Laden
Rats George W. Bush vs. the Taliban
George W. Bush's Intelligence Quiz Bin Laden's Afterlife Surprise
Bush, Einstein and Picasso at the Pearly Gates American Women...Do Your Part To Help! Stand Up, Be Seen!
Bush Plays God Bad Cellular
Bush Solves a Puzzle
Puzzled President
George W. Bush Meets Moses
George W. Bush and the Jews
Texans in Hell
Tips From Ghosts of Presidents Past

Redneck Jokes - index of jokes

Thoughts - index of jokes

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