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Wanted - Reward $231 Billion per year

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W a n t e d
R e w a r d
$231 billion per year
By improving the level of fire service from ISO Class 3 to ISO Class 1 the Houston Fire Department saved the residences of Houston $401,000,000 in reduced insurance rates a year. The estimated savings for commercial property owners is three times that.

The population of Houston in the 2000 census was 1,953,631, and the population of the United States was 281,421,906. Extrapolating, the savings for the whole country would be $231,057,316,977. The problem with this estimate is that the Houston Fire Department was ISO Class 3, and just over 96% of the US Fire Departments are ISO Class 4 or lower.  In fact, 14,951 of the 45,898 fire departments in the US are ISO Class 9 (the second worst rating). This implies that the savings could be substantially greater.

Another point to consider is that 60% of the population of the United States is in towns populations of 31,730 or less. Many of these communities have the lower ISO Class rating, and will be experiencing the greater population grows--increased property values -> increased insurance payments.

Other Benefits of Improved Fire Services
  • More Firefighters - More jobs
  • Initially, increased construction of fire stations, and purchasing of new firefighting equipment--stimulated economy.
  • The insurance rate saving is per year, and would continue to be a saving every year that a ISO Class difference would have existed.  Example, the Houston Fire Department's rural ISO Class rating was 9, and had been so for 80 years.
  • More lives would be saved by the quicker responses
  • Quicker responses would allow for fewer and less severe injuries.

Please see CASPERS ISO Initiative for more information and for suggestions of how to help.

You can contact us by email at ToSayThankYou