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Fire Departments of New Jersey D - G

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Delaware Park Chemical Engine Company Added 09/08/04
Demarest Demarest Fire Department Added 07/09/06
Deptford Deptford Fire Department (8) Added 07/09/06
Dover Dover Township Fire Department (9) Added 07/09/06
Toms River Fire Company 1 (2) Added 07/09/06
Toms River Fire Company 2 (2) Added 07/09/06
Ocean Beach Fire Company (1)
East Dover Fire Company (1) Added 07/09/06
Silverton Fire Company (1) Added 07/09/06
Pleasant Plains Fire Company (2) Added 07/09/06
Downe Newport Fire Company Added 07/09/06
Dumont Engine Company 1 Added 09/08/04
Dunellen Fire Department Added 09/08/04
East Brunswick Fire District #1 Added 09/08/04
East Greenwich East Greenwich Fire Departments
East Greenwich Fire Department Added 09/08/04
Royal Mount Fire Department
East Hanover East Hanover Fire Department Added 07/09/06
East Orange East Orange Fire Department Added 07/15/06
East Windsor East Windsor Departments
East Windsor Volunteer Fire Department #1 Added 09/08/04
East Windsor Volunteer Fire Department #2 Added 07/09/06
Eastampton Eastampton Fire-Rescue Department Added 09/08/04
Eatontown Eatontown Fire Department Updated 07/09/06
Edison Edison Fire Department 1197
Egg Habor Egg Habor Fire Departments
Bargaintown Volunteer Fire Company (2) Added 07/09/06
Egg Habor Fire Department Added 07/09/06
Scullville Volunteer Fire Company Added 07/09/06
Elizabeth Elizabeth Fire Department Unofficial Website 9
Elmer Fire Department Added 09/08/04 Updated 07/15/06
Englewood Englewood Fire Department Added 07/09/06
Evesham Evesham Fire-Rescue Added 09/08/04 115
Fair Lawn Fair Lawn Fire Companies
Fair Lawn Fire Company 1
Fair Lawn Fire Company 2
Fair Lawn Fire Company 3
Fair Lawn Fire Company 4 Updated 07/09/06
Fairfield Fire Department Added 09/08/04
Far Hills Far Hills Fire Department Added 07/09/06
Flanders Fire & Rescue Added 09/09/04 Updated 07/15/06

Florence Township Fire Department Added 09/09/04

Franklin - Gloucester

Franklin Township Fire Departments - Gloucester County

Forest Grove Fire Department

Franklinville Fire Department

Janvier Fire Department

Malaga Fire Department

Star Cross Fire Department

Franklin - Somerset

Franklin Township Fire Districts

Franklin Township Fire District 1

Elizabeth Avenue Volunteer Fire Comany Added 09/08/04

Millstone Valley Fire Department Added 07/09/06

Middlebush Volunteer Fire Department

Millstone Valley Fire Department Added 07/09/06

Franklin Township Fire District 2

Franklin Park Fire Company

Griggstown Volunteer Fire Company Added 09/10/04

Little Rocky Hill Volunteer Fire Company

Franklin Township Fire District 3

Community Fire Company

East Franklin Fire Department Added 09/08/04

Franklin Township Fire District 4

Kingston Volunteer Fire Company Added 09/09/04
Franklin - Warren

Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Department Added 09/09/04


Fredon Volunteer Fire Company Added 07/09/06


East Freehold Fire Company Added 07/09/06

Freewood Acres Fire Company Added 09/10/04

Friendship Fire Company Added 09/09/04

Friendship Hook and Ladder Company Added 09/10/04

Ft Lee Ft Lee Volunteer Fire Department Second sire Updated 09/08/04
Ft Monmouth Fire and Emergency Services Added 09/08/04
Garfield Garfield Fire Department

Gloucester City Fire Department Added 09/09/04

Good Will Fire Company #1 Added 09/09/04


Gibbstown Fire Company Added 07/09/06
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