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Fire Departments of Florida M - O

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Maitland Maitland Fire Department
Marathon Marathon Fire Department Updated 11/09/07
Margate Margate/Coconut Creek Fire Rescue
Marion Marion County Fire-Rescue Added 09/19/04 Updated 07/26/08 3169
Martin Martin County Fire-Rescue Division Added 09/19/04 Updated 11/09/07 2959
Matlacha Pine Island Fire Control District Added 09/19/04
Melbourne Melbourne Fire Department (8) 1951
Miami Miami Department of Fire-Rescue (14) 587
Miami Beach Miami Beach Fire Department (4, 1) Updated 11/09/07 1510
Miami-Dade Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue Added 08/12/04 1403
Miami-Dade Miami-Dade Aviation Fire Department Rescue Div Added 09/19/04
Midway Fire District (2 , 3) Added 09/19/04
Milton Milton Fire Department Added 09/19/04 Updated 11/09/07
Miramar Miramar Fire-Rescue Department (4) Updated 07/26/08
Mount Dora Mount Dora Fire Department Added 09/19/04 Updated 11/09/07
Myrtle Grove Volunteer Fire Department Added 09/19/04 Updated 11/09/07
Naples Naples Fire Bureau 2174
Nassau Nassau County Fire Rescue 3101
Niceville Niceville Fire & Rescue Added 09/19/04
North Bay Fire Control District Added 09/19/04
North Lauderdale North Lauderdale Fire Rescue
North Miami North Miami Fire Department
North Naples Fire Department Added 09/19/04
North Miami Beach North Miami Beach Fire Department
North Palm Beach Fire Department Added 09/19/04
North Port North Port Fire Rescue Added 09/19/04 Updated 11/09/07
Oakland Park Oakland Park Fire Rescue Department (3) Updated 11/09/07
Ocala Ocala Fire Department Updated 11/09/07 2135
Ocean Ridge Boynton Beach Fire Department (4) Second website Updated 11/09/07
Ochopee Fire Control District
Ocoee Ocoee Fire Department Added 09/19/04 Updated 11/09/07 3623
Oldsmar Oldsmar Fire Rescue Added 09/19/04
Orange Orange County Fire Rescue Added 09/19/04 2057
Orlando Orlando Fire Department (17, 1) Updated 06/30/08 1365
Ormond Beach Ormond Beach Fire Department (4) Updated 11/09/07
Osceola Osceola County Emergency Services Added 09/19/04 3284
Oviedo Oviedo Fire Rescue Updated 11/09/07 3476
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