Last Updated:  05/26/08  
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Why Santa Claus might be a Firefighter

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Santa Claus' outfit looks a lot like firefighter’s turn-out gear.  The white trim resembles the reflective part of the turn-out gear with similar placement.

Santa wears red suspenders—firefighters wear red suspenders (the old joke—Why do firefighter wear red suspenders?  To hold their pants up).

Like firefighters, he has protective foot gear like firefighters—boots.

When Santa goes out on the job, where does he go?  Straight to the chimney or fireplace (the fire).

Santa’s bag is as big as a firefighter’s turn-out gear bag.

Santa’s beard might just be camouflage for an air mask.  

Firefighters have the fire pole, Santa has the North Pole.

Firefighters are virtually the only real heroes that have done, or that can do some of the feats that Santa has done.

Firefighters go to work in a large, usually red vehicle, with flashing red lights.  Santa’s sleigh is big and red, and thanks to Rudolph, it has a flashing red light.

Firefighters have various means of aerial attack from fire trucks with aerial ladders, to helicopters, and other aircraft.  Santa’s sleigh covers all of these, and more.

Firefighters go to a fire station.  Santa is stationed at the North Pole (remove the heat, one of the ways to put out the fire—the fire tetrahedron). 

Firefighters spend time training and preparing for the call-to-duty, the next call.  Santa spends his time preparing for the next call—Christmas. 

Firefighters work with (usually) a bunch of other men.  Santa has the elves (usually pictured as male elves).

Fire trucks are equipped with large water tanks, with pumps to deliver water under great pressure through a complement of various fire hoses.  Well, I would like to remind you that they ARE called RAINdeer for a reason.

Finally, the only people that kids look up to as much as Santa, are firefighters!!!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!

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