Last Updated:  12/24/16  
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Who profits the most with a better fire department,
Insurance Companies.

When fires are knockdown, and stopped quicker
there is less property damage--smaller insurance claims.

When rescues are made quicker
there are fewer deaths, and injuries may be less severe--smaller claims.

The Insurance Service Office, ISO, rates all US fire department on a scale of 1 to 10.
ISO Class 1 is the best, ISO Class 10 is the worst.

Insurance Companies use this information to determine your homeowner insurance rates, and although you might think that these small amounts may make little difference. The fact is that the savings times the number of homeowners can become a big deal--$401 million in one year for the residences of Houston with the improvement from ISO Class 3 to ISO Class 1!!!

As President George W. Bush would say, "That is More Better".

Please see CASPERS ISO Initiative for more information and for suggestions of how to help.

You can contact us by email at ToSayThankYou