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Featured - Pleasanton - Livermore Fire Station 4

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The following pdf articles does not mention that this was the first LEED Gold Certified Fire Station in the United States. It is presently one of only four in the country--San Diego Fire Station 29, Tucson Fire Station 22, and Denton Fire Station 7 are the other three.

The pdf article.
Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Station 4 received 42 points on their LEED-NC (v2.1) Certification (Gold 39-51, Platinum 52-69)
Sustainable Sites 
Water Efficiency 
Energy & Atmosphere 
Materials & Resources 
Indoor Environmental
Quality & Design Process 
 7 of 14 points
 3 of  5 points
12 of 17 points
 4 of 13 points
11 of 15 points
 5 of 5 points
Other notable facts about the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department - The Centennial Bulb, at Wikipedia
Firefighters Impressions of the Living/Working Conditions of Station 4
Overall impression - The facility is functional to daily fire service operations. The layout of the station flows well, the living space is comfortable, and although next to a freeway, exterior noise has been sufficiently eliminated. The station has been designed for ease of daily maintenance and for the most part functions well in that respect.

Water saving features - Station 4 has been outfitted with several water saving features. “Low Flow” faucets and shower heads supply sufficient amounts of water while saving on the total daily gallons utilized. Waterless urinals have been installed in the main restroom. The impression of all hands at the station is that this toilet design is far from being perfected and needs improvement. Personnel have been disappointed by the life of the urinal system filters. It was anticipated that filter life would be approximately six months. However, monthly filter changes have been necessary to quell unpleasant odors emitting from the fixtures. 

Air-Flow System - A “Passive Air Flow System” was designed into the station and is inefficient in the system ability to provide adequate air flow through out the station living area. The result is more usage of the station HVAC system and a significant temperature fluctuation between rooms.

Lighting - Natural lighting and a high atrium in the center hallway provide adequate daytime lighting and all but eliminates the need to utilize electric lighting during daytime hours.

Solar Voltaic System - The Solar Voltaic System (tied to the Power Grid) supplements daily electrical usage. Station personnel do not have first hand knowledge as to the effectiveness of the system size in regards to its ability to significantly reduce electricity obtained from the utility power grid.

Construction Materials - Station 4 was constructed with a variety of alternative construction materials. With the exception of the ceramic tile, all seem to be holding up well. The high recycled content ceramic tile has cracked significantly in the station entryway. This may be an installation issue.

Landscaping - The station landscaping is very attractive, requires very little water, and does not require tremendous maintenance.

Natural Water Collection Feature - A natural drainage/water collection feature has been included on the station grounds (bio swales). The system efficiently collects run off water from the property and has not caused any flooding issues during heavy rains. Concerns were raised in regards to possible mosquito issues in these collection ponds. To date that concern has not shown to materialize into a problem.

Cool Roof feature - Station 4 has a “Cool Roof” intended to reduce the buildings heat signature. The system appears to work as intended although the installation of the roof is requiring repair relatively early after initial construction. 
AIACentralCoast - Award of Merit
City Council Meeting - Recognition of Gold LEED Certification for Fire Station 4
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