Last Updated:  08/25/08  
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Featured - the Fallon/Churchill Volunteer Fire Department

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In August 1997 the Fallon/Churchill Volunteer Fire Department was awarded an ISO Class 1 rating. This is the best rating obtainable by any fire department, whether paid or volunteer, large or small. Their department was the smallest ISO Class 1 fire department in the country at the time serving a town of 7,500, and a county of 16,000. They were the 25th ISO Class 1 fire department in 1997, as of August 2008 there are 57. This department is one of three ISO Class 1 fire departments in the state of Nevada--the other two are the Las Vegas Fire Department, and the Clark County Fire Department.
Churchill county is spread out over 250 of the 5,000 square miles of barren desert. The rural areas of Churchill County were awarded the first ISO Class 3 out of only two ever given to departments without a water system.

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