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Elvis Presley's Birthday - January 8th

What if, Elvis had been a Firefighter

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Elvis would do a good job as a firefighter, but on occasion, he might get a little carried away (like he did with the television sets) and blasted everything not already destroyed by the fire.  The bad part of Elvis as a firefighter is that after he put the fire out, and was gone people would keep thinking that they saw fires where he had put them out--you would have fire sightings.

As mentioned, Elvis was a good firefighter, and just like any other firefighter he would go into burning buildings to save people.  There would always be this other guy going around with him, who would be outside going, "Elvis is in the building", "Elvis has left the building".  And of course, when Elvis finished putting out the fire he would go, "Thank You, Thank You Very Much"! 

Firefighter Elvis Presley's Eulogy
Elvis started his firefighter career in about 1955 with the Memphis Tennessee Fire Department, and when he went out on calls, being a very excited young firefighter, he was "All Shook Up".  He was not always able to wait for water to arrive, so he would be stomping fires out with his boots (which were blue suede), but all these gyrations actually caused more fires--from all the friction.

Elvis quickly got nicknamed "Sideburns", possibly because of his method of attacking the fire, and he did not initially hit it off with the fire station mascot (a Dalmatian), which he always greeted with, "You ain't nothing, but a hound dog".

Elvis' firefighting career was interrupted, when he was drafted into the Army.  One of his assignments was to Germany where he met his first flame (Priscilla).  Elvis became "a hunk, a hunk of burning love".

After being Honorably Discharged from the Army, Elvis returned to the Memphis Fire Department.  Now, being more mature and seasoned he had progressed from causing fires to just putting women in heat.  And finally, at the end of his firefighting career, he began to worry more about taking the chicken to do the barbecue.

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