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Subject: Boston Firefighter saves little black girl - Just one of the many reasons to say thank you to them!!
Subject: A Note from a Vietnam Veteran on Veteran's Day
As a Vietnam Veteran, I am asking you all to honor Veterans by taking the time to care for the principles of this country--the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I don't care who or what you believe in, our common ground is the United States of America. Please take the time to offer your prayers and thoughts for a better, more compassionate, more tolerant, and fairer country.

Veterans' sacrifices (some with their lives) were and are made to protect your freedom, and liberties, not for anyone to make thoughtful and wise decisions, that is up to you!!

Thank you,
A Vietnam Veteran

PS: My Tour of Duty was March 67 to February 68.

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Featured - starting in August 2008

Featured Paid Fire Department - Houston Fire Department
The Houston Fire Department was chosen to be featured here, because it is the largest ISO Class 1 Fire Department in the country, and scored 97.01 points, which is the highest score ever achieved by any fire department in history.

Houston Fire Department
Featured Volunteer Fire Department - Fallon/Churchill Volunteer Fire Department

The Fallon/Churchill Volunteer Fire department was chosen to be featured here, because it is the first volunteer ISO Class 1 Fire Department in the country.

Fallon/Churchill Volunteer Fire Department
The two fire departments featured on this website demonstrate that it does not matter, if you have a small nor large, paid nor volunteer, it is possible for a fire department to have the highest possible ISO class rating.
The count of ISO Class 1 fire departments is increasing, and many fire departments have been working to improve their ratings, but it does puzzle me in the light of the potential savings, millions and even billions of dollars, why don't more fire departments have higher ratings?
New Featured Fire Station - Scottsdale Fire Department's Fire Station 2

The Scottsdale Fire Station 2 was chosen to be the new featured station, because it is the first of only two LEED Platinum Certified fire stations in the world. The other is Madison Fire Station 12.

Scottsdale Fire Station 2

Scottsdale Fire Station 2 Brochure - pdf
Previous Featured Fire Station - Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department's Fire Station 4

The Pleasanton Fire Station 4 was chosen to be featured here, because it is the first LEED Gold Certified fire station in the country, and one of only eleven in the US and Canada.

Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Station 4
Featured Retired Fire Chief - Chief Alan Brunacini

Chief Alan Brunacini retired Chief of the Phoenix Fire Department has been chosen as the Featured Retired Fire Chief. He was refer to be by one firefighter, "He is like the Fire God".
Featured Fire Chief - Chief Billy Goldfeder
Chief Billy Goldfeder serves as a Deputy Fire Chief of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Department in Southwest Ohio (ISO Class 2). Chief Goldfeder has been chosen as the Featured Fire Chief. because like Chief Brunacini he has contributed greatly to firefighting.
Featured Retired Firefighter - Captain James J Corrigan
Captain James J Corrigan has been chosen as the Featured Retired Firefighter, because he was one of the three retired firefighters that were killed while helping others in the World Trade Center attacks.
Featured Firefighter killed in the line of duty - James "Earl" Drayton

James "Earl" Drayton has been chosen as the Featured Firefighter killed in the line of duty, because of his long career, 32 years. He was on his third retirement with the department. James Drayton has been selected for this featured, but all nine of the firefighters killed in Sofa Super Store are part of this feature.
Featured Fire Department Website - Cape Cod Fire Department -

Cape Cod Fire Department has been chosen for the Featured Official Fire Department website, because of Britt Crosby's outstanding job of building a website with so many resources for firefighters and fire departments.
Featured Unofficial Fire Department Website - has been chosen for the Featured Unofficial Fire Department website, because of its professional quality, and quantity of work.
Featured Fire Service Support Website - has been chosen for the Featured Fire Service Support website. Well, it may be the best, and it probably has more visitors than any other. According to its traffic rank is 31,843, and they show it to have 585 other sites linked to it.

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